Gears of War

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Gears of War Girl Squad
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We know how to roll with the big boys.

This is a community for the marginalized fans of the violently addictive shooter Gears of War; namely, the girls!

Creative content is definitely encouraged: icons, wallpapers, graphics, costumes, interpretive dance, etc. If you can imagine it, and it's about Gears, bring it here!

A few squad rules:
I. photos larger than 600px go behind a cut. How-to for those who need it.
II. if you are posting more than two photos, put the rest behind a cut.
III. absolutely no member bashing, flaming, unnecessary spammage or any other juvenile behaviour.
This will result in swift banning from the community, forever and ever.

Feeling lonely campaigning by yourself? Post your gamer tag and form up with other curb-stompin' female COG members to defeat the Locust horde once and for all.
a hero from within, active reloads are awesome, adam fenix, anthony carmine, anya stroud, apocalyptic situations, aspho fields, augustus cole, benjamin carmine, berserker, bloodmounts, brumak, campaign, carmines have no luck, chainsaw bayonet, cliff blezinski, coalition of ordered governments, cog tags, colonel hoffman, conspiracy theories, corpser, crimson omen, curbstomping, damon baird, delta squad, dizzy, dominic santiago, drones, e-day, emergence holes, flanking, gears of war, gears of war 2, gears of war 3, gnasher, grenadier elites, hammer of dawn, hammerburst, headshots!, horde strategies, imulsion, jacinto prison, kantus, kicking ass, killing boomers, killing drones, killing nemacysts, kryll, lambent, lancer, lightmass bomb, locust hordes, locust queen, longshot, marcus fenix, meat shields, queen myrrah, reavers, roadie run, rockworms, seeders, sera, sires, tai kaliso, take it!!, that's five motherfucker!, the cole train, theron guards, third-person shooters, thrashball, throwing frags, tickers, torque bow, where's that fucking resonator?, wretches, xbox 360